Friday, 17 May 2013

This Should Have Been My First Post

Okay so apparently I've done this a bit backwards..after browsing through the blogging world most normal people begin by introducing themselves; I begin by talking about a shed.

So, in the faithful words of Craig David, let’s re-e-wind.

My name is Jess, I’m 19 (almost 20, but let’s not dwell on that) and I study at University of Leeds, but I’m originally from good ol’ Bristol. I don’t take life too seriously, I’m pretty irresponsible and very sarcastic. But I make excellent hot beverages so I still have some friends.  
This blog is going to be pretty confused because I have no sense of direction right now. But I hope to make some kind of enjoyment out of my extremely mundane life. If I can do that then I guess I can do pretty much anything! So let’s pretend that this is actually my first post, and give this ‘blogging’ thing a go.

Hope you like it xx

Also, just so you get an idea of who this weird person writing random things is, here's a picture of me high-fiving/thumbs-upping/and fist-bumping you imaginary readers (because you're great) while I write this post.

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