Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bar Chocolat - hello chocolate heaven!

As a much needed and definitely deserved break from revision, me, my Mum, and my sister decided that, as women, we should eat chocolate (a decision I always welcome), and because it was such a nice day, we should go out of the house to do it.

Say hello to Bar Chocolat in Clifton, Bristol; a small shop which has a very friendly atmosphere and you could tell some of the customers were regulars (and I can see why).

None of us had ever been here before, and we were definitely not disappointed. If I could choose anywhere to live, it would be here. Even the smell of the shop is amazing - fresh cake and chocolate is air I should breathe all the time. We all ordered hot chocolates  (proper hot chocolates, made with actual chocolate and not powder) and they even brought a plate of chocolate flakes to melt in them (so good). And, of course, we had some of their homemade cake to accompany it, because otherwise it's just rude.

After many minutes um-ing and ah-ing, and staring starry-eyed at all the cakes on display, my Mum and sister both opted for the double chocolate cake, and I went for the equally unhealthy but just as amazing dark chocolate cheesecake. The cheesecake was smooth and melt-in-the-mouth, almost like a mousse, and the biscuit base offered a buttery crunch that was much appreciated by me, and my family when they forced me to give them a bite. I got my own back though, by insisting that I had to try both slices of chocolate cake, just to check that the taste was consistent throughout, obviously. The cake was moist and rich, just what you want from a naughty little treat. Thankfully, because both cakes were so delicious, none of us ended up with cake envy and we all were very happy indeed.

I was disappointed in myself that I could not finish the whole doorstop slice they served me (portion sizes are definitely on the big side, but when it comes to chocolate that is absolutely fine by me), but the others picked up the pace and demolished their slices, so I can at least be proud of them.

The cakes were rich and are made for chocolate lovers, but they are excessively good, hell, brilliant even. And although I feel a couple of pounds heavier, I can honestly say that it was worth it. And the sugar high it has given me is definitely helping with revision!

The menu for Bar Chocolat, and any other info, can be found on their website here

Friday, 17 May 2013

This Should Have Been My First Post

Okay so apparently I've done this a bit backwards..after browsing through the blogging world most normal people begin by introducing themselves; I begin by talking about a shed.

So, in the faithful words of Craig David, let’s re-e-wind.

My name is Jess, I’m 19 (almost 20, but let’s not dwell on that) and I study at University of Leeds, but I’m originally from good ol’ Bristol. I don’t take life too seriously, I’m pretty irresponsible and very sarcastic. But I make excellent hot beverages so I still have some friends.  
This blog is going to be pretty confused because I have no sense of direction right now. But I hope to make some kind of enjoyment out of my extremely mundane life. If I can do that then I guess I can do pretty much anything! So let’s pretend that this is actually my first post, and give this ‘blogging’ thing a go.

Hope you like it xx

Also, just so you get an idea of who this weird person writing random things is, here's a picture of me high-fiving/thumbs-upping/and fist-bumping you imaginary readers (because you're great) while I write this post.

There is an orange box in my garden..

I came home from uni for a break in between my exams and everything has changed. Some strange orange structure  (apparently it’s a shed) has invaded my garden (ruining my plan for a hammock), my parent’s have refurbished everything, my sister has suddenly grown up and has gotten herself a real job-for-life interview, and some less-than-cute/bordering-on-evil gerbil has taken my place and moved into my room.

These unexpected life-hauls has made me think about where I would like to haul my own life (rather than flinging it and hoping for the best, which is what i originally had planned). Unfortunately, I cannot pay attention to anything longer than five seconds; so this is where this blog comes in. As any English student stuck in a rut would do, I have decided to try my hand at writing and to try and condition my brain to remain focused on SOMETHING. This blog is going to be random and to be honest I will be surprised if it lasts past this post. But at least for now I'm feeling productive.

The orange box is completely to blame for all this.