Friday, 17 May 2013

There is an orange box in my garden..

I came home from uni for a break in between my exams and everything has changed. Some strange orange structure  (apparently it’s a shed) has invaded my garden (ruining my plan for a hammock), my parent’s have refurbished everything, my sister has suddenly grown up and has gotten herself a real job-for-life interview, and some less-than-cute/bordering-on-evil gerbil has taken my place and moved into my room.

These unexpected life-hauls has made me think about where I would like to haul my own life (rather than flinging it and hoping for the best, which is what i originally had planned). Unfortunately, I cannot pay attention to anything longer than five seconds; so this is where this blog comes in. As any English student stuck in a rut would do, I have decided to try my hand at writing and to try and condition my brain to remain focused on SOMETHING. This blog is going to be random and to be honest I will be surprised if it lasts past this post. But at least for now I'm feeling productive.

The orange box is completely to blame for all this.

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