Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bar Chocolat - hello chocolate heaven!

As a much needed and definitely deserved break from revision, me, my Mum, and my sister decided that, as women, we should eat chocolate (a decision I always welcome), and because it was such a nice day, we should go out of the house to do it.

Say hello to Bar Chocolat in Clifton, Bristol; a small shop which has a very friendly atmosphere and you could tell some of the customers were regulars (and I can see why).

None of us had ever been here before, and we were definitely not disappointed. If I could choose anywhere to live, it would be here. Even the smell of the shop is amazing - fresh cake and chocolate is air I should breathe all the time. We all ordered hot chocolates  (proper hot chocolates, made with actual chocolate and not powder) and they even brought a plate of chocolate flakes to melt in them (so good). And, of course, we had some of their homemade cake to accompany it, because otherwise it's just rude.

After many minutes um-ing and ah-ing, and staring starry-eyed at all the cakes on display, my Mum and sister both opted for the double chocolate cake, and I went for the equally unhealthy but just as amazing dark chocolate cheesecake. The cheesecake was smooth and melt-in-the-mouth, almost like a mousse, and the biscuit base offered a buttery crunch that was much appreciated by me, and my family when they forced me to give them a bite. I got my own back though, by insisting that I had to try both slices of chocolate cake, just to check that the taste was consistent throughout, obviously. The cake was moist and rich, just what you want from a naughty little treat. Thankfully, because both cakes were so delicious, none of us ended up with cake envy and we all were very happy indeed.

I was disappointed in myself that I could not finish the whole doorstop slice they served me (portion sizes are definitely on the big side, but when it comes to chocolate that is absolutely fine by me), but the others picked up the pace and demolished their slices, so I can at least be proud of them.

The cakes were rich and are made for chocolate lovers, but they are excessively good, hell, brilliant even. And although I feel a couple of pounds heavier, I can honestly say that it was worth it. And the sugar high it has given me is definitely helping with revision!

The menu for Bar Chocolat, and any other info, can be found on their website here

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